Sunday, March 18, 2007

Clever Title Here

Old business first, right? Let's see the winners!

The random number generator selected Michelle, ThreeDogKnits, and Heddy! Congratulations - your goodies will be going out in the mail this week - and thanks so much to everyone who left comments! It's fun for me too - I get a chance to see who's out there reading, and to discover some new blogs! I steal discover a lot of ideas from blogs, like which projects to start next or what yarns I need to gotta try. (Remember when you were a brand-new knitter and you'd never heard of Socks that Rock? And you discovered KnitPicks and the whole world opened up to you? The days you realized there was more yarn out there than what the local craft stores carry? You've all brought that to me!)

So you remember that whole chasing-down-the-bus thing on Friday? Well, I walked down to the last stop Friday afternoon, stopping by the Starbucks for my drink, hopped the bus, took my seat - and when we got to the highway, I discovered that we had yet another, entirely different, brokedown busted bus. This thing was LOUD. I mean hella loud. Have you ever been on one of those commuter planes, where you can't hear or speak to the person sitting next to you because of all the horrific engine noise? This bus sounded like one of those planes - but with a seagull caught in one engine and a cargo load full of rabid chimpanzees. There was squealing, roaring, and best of all, bone-rocking vibrations. On the one hand, plenty of people pay good money to have a massaging chair like the one I was sitting in on that bus. On the other hand, the bus', um, unwelcome advances were somewhat distracting while I was trying to knit. At one point, I started laughing out loud because the whole thing was so hysterically funny to me. Fortunately, the people sitting two rows up couldn't even HEAR my shrieks of laughter.

Bus ride

Oh my stars, I do believe this bus is coming on to me!

Yesterday Travis had to work, and when he got home, he wanted to work on our TiVo, which has not been behaving itself of late. So he dragged the laptop down to look up some troubleshooting points. He didn't get much done. (Please forgive the following series of photos - I had to move fast, so I didn't get to adjust light or shutter speed settings, and some of the images are blurry because I was laughing.)

The Battle Begins

At first, there was just one.

Two against one

Then two...

Awww, that's cute and all, but....

He attempts to soldier on...

Snuggle, pops?

Fluffy enemy begins to expand as small enemy continues to run interference.

I'm sorry, were you doing something?

Fluffy enemy turns indecent, small enemy begins more aggressive interference...

Determination sets in as a third foe joins the fray

Undeterred, he continues his attempts at productivity, and a third troop (a "surge", if you will) is called in....

The white flag is raised

Finally, the enemies succeed and the white flag is raised.

What? This is a knitting blog?? Oh, right, right....okay, here:

Friday Harbor sock

I cast on the Friday Harbor sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. The yarn is Socks that Rock in "Fire on the Mountain". I think that's a really nice name for a colorway that contains every color on God's green earth...much more appealing that a name like "I left my crayons out in the sun, then my dog ate the melty wax, and then he threw up in the yard". (Which name implies that I don't like this colorway, when it's actually one of my favorites of theirs.) Still...don't you wish I dyed yarn? Wouldn't my colorways be inspiring?? Heh.