Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pr0n, Pr0n, And More Pr0n!

I've been slacking on any kind of photographic stimulation, so I think I'll just go way overboard with today's post.

First up, there's House Pr0n. You know how I have this glorious knitting room all my own? Well, it was such a disaster that I had stopped going in there except to drop off and pick up yarn. It was BAD. I couldn't take it anymore...

Knitting Room 1/6/07

I have my queendom back! And it has a TV! Since we won that flat-panel TV, our old TV has just been taking up space in a corner of our bedroom - so now I have entertainment, too!

Knitting Room 1/6/07

It's only about as tidy as I could get it, considering that any knitting room is going to have a natural degree of clutter...but I moved all the boxes and crap, swept up and dusted, and threw down a couple of silk pillows on the chair and called it decorated. I approve! But......

Knitting Room 1/6/07

"Uhhhhh...where's all my shit?"

My little workspace is still pretty hopeless as a workspace, though:

Knitting Room 1/6/07

Oh, and you're not gonna want to open that closet there on the right. All that stuff had to go somewhere....

(Psst...see those two white puffy packages on the desk? Oooooh....I wonder who those are for?!)

And then there's the goods - the Stash Enhancement Pr0n!!

I haven't shown off my stash enhancement in a while, so this is pretty good:

Holiday Stash Enhancement

Told ya.

In the top row, left to right: Yarn Pirate in Culture Club; Yarn Ahoy in Berry Pop; Yarn Ahoy in Shores of Adsaman; Vesper Sock in Crew; three little Habu Kinari in Dark Green; a bundle of Pure Knits Merino (for a Starsky).

Bottom row, left to right: Yarn Ahoy in Ablaze; Mama-E C-Eye-Ber Fiber Sock in Molly; three Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock Potluck in blue/purple ranges; All Things Heather Sock in Charcoal; Koigu handpaints KPPPM from Cookie's charity stash sale (I had to help support Knitters Without Borders!); and Mama-E's superwash spinning fiber in Orange Crush.

(Uh, and there may be another skein and braid of fiber coming from Mama-E, but I can neither confirm or deny that at this time.)

In case you couldn't quite make it out in that photo, here's a close-up of the stitch-marker pr0n:

Stitchy Markers

I got some sterling silver sheep markers and some plain sterling silver beaded markers (both LYS acquisitions), and my beloved Mack stitch markers - sushi and backyard barbecue collections. (Yes, I'm a vegetarian...but these are so adorable, and - in my case - just chock-full of irony.)

Finally, we have FO Pr0n!

Remember this?
Yarntini Gimlet

It's actually this:

Gimlet Almost-Knee Socks

Project Details:
Pattern: My own slapdash "Almost-Knee Socks"
Yarn: Yarntini in Gimlet (Again, LOVE THIS YARN!!!)
Needles: Crystal Palace size 1 DPNs
Start Date: Uh...December something.
Finish Date: Maybe two weeks later? (I gotta start writing this stuff down.)

I did a small amount of calf shaping - I didn't really have enough yarn to make them full-out knee socks, but I knew they'd be pretty high, so I decreased (and way too quickly, as you'll see later) a bit on them.

Gimlet Almost-Knee Socks

I love how perfectly they matched up. (One's not higher than the other, it's just starting to fall down.)

I had trouble getting good shots of these on my own, especially when I tried to catch the backs of them to show the shaping:
Gimlet Almost-Knee Socks

(Remind me to thank Rooster for trying to clean up his nards while I take photos.)

Gimlet Almost-Knee Socks

Photographically, you can have both socks, or decent focus, but you can't have it both ways.

Gimlet Almost-Knee Socks

Well, I got a little bit closer when I decided to kneel on the ottoman and twist-and-shoot. (I'm so glad I had the windows open so the neighbors could get a good look at all this.) I do love an eye-of-patridge heel flap - it adds a little interest.

Gimlet Almost-Knee Socks

I also added just a bit of shaping on the foot before I started the toe decreases - you can just make it out on the ball of the foot. I don't remember why I decided to do this....but it makes for a nice snug fit, so I'm glad I did.

Here's where I point out how bad I am at doing things in a gradual manner:

Gimlet Almost-Knee Socks

"Hey, I think I'll decrease can I make this look like I have to make room for calf tumors?"

But it's okay if they look kinda funny - they're so soft and cozy. And they're not for me. Heheh.