Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy List...And New Stuff Wednesday

How's this for new stuff - working until 7:30 from home. That's new. It's also shitty. But it's new.

(I goofed in a big way and ended up having to work almost three hours late because of it. Bad YoYo. Bad.)

What got me through? Periodically glancing at goodies from my pal!

Secret Pal Wrap-Up

Pardon the cruddy picture...but look how she pays attention! I wanted that brown bag from Knitty - she sent a color copy of the pattern, in a sleeve, along with the perfect yarn - not just your regular ol' brown-bag-brown, but a beautiful handpainted tobacco shade - and I'm anxious to get started...I think I need to tinker with the pattern, though, so I can be sure it'll be big enough for tupperware. There's also a little book of cruise tips (ha!) and a super-cute tape measure (I love cute tape measures) and mints...and there's wool and a pattern for little catnip felted kitty toys.

Like this cat needs drugs:

Rooster Rug

(He's a total catnip junkie, actually.)

Thanks, Adelle!!!

Travis pitied me so much for having to work uber-late that he stopped at Starbucks on the way home to bring me not one, but TWO iced grande solo caramel macchiatos. I think I'll marry him.

I got a new haircut on Saturday - it's dangerously close to mullet territory, though. (It wasn't when he styled it - but when I just wake up and wash it and run out of the house late with wet hair, as I usually do, it's kinda....mullet.) And Travis got his first ever fancy haircut. He's always been a six-dollar-haircut kind of guy, but he's growing his hair out longer, so I encouraged him to get a real cut-and-style. (I am a big fan of him growing his hair out long - he's working toward what I call "Dr. McDreamy hair", and since I find Patrick Dempsey to be the kind of guy I could easily see myself throwing to the ground and pinning, I am all for Travis looking as much like him as he wants to. Plus, with longish black wavy hair, Travis will officially be The Guy Who Has Every Handsome Feature I've Ever Dreamed Of Seeing In One Person.)

Anyway, back to fiber stuff.

Handspun Blue Steel (Sweet Georgia)

This is the first skein of sock yarn I spun up for my pal. It's 275 yards of two-ply in 50 grams (that's one fine fingering weight!) spun up from Sweet Georgia's Blue Steel blue-faced leicester fiber.

And here's my big New Stuff for today:

Handspun beaded yarn

Emily, who's doing my jewelry for the wedding, was telling me about yarn she found with Swarovski crystals spun in. (Not Tilli Tomas.) But it was over a dollar a FOOT. I thought, "Hell, I can probably do that."

Handspun beaded yarn

My first attempt was a navajo-plied single, and it was too much of a challenge to get all the beads in any kind of reasonable configuration. The fiber was too fabulous to waste too much of (50/50 cashmere/silk) so I went back to what I know.

Handspun beaded yarn

I was just trying it out, so I didn't go too nuts - I only spun up about ten yards. But it might suffice. I can see why one would charge so much though - kind of a pain, threading all the beads onto the single and then sliding them down while plying....fuuuun. Still probably gonna do more soon. :-D