Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1 Is Cool...

So I finally got in to the doctor's office today and got me some drugs. Bye-bye, yucky bacterial infection! (Which is a rather nasty way of saying "cold gone awry".) AND the lovely, lovely nurse practitioner I saw - who was so nice and informative and took her time with me - gave me a doctor's note and told me to stay home today! Hurray for rest! (Unfortunately, she also told me to stay home tomorrow - so much for the family outing to the Farmer's Market. Poo. Oh well, one less opportunity to watch the dogs humiliate us by fouling the pavement in the posh Winter Park outdoor market.)

Today's other highlight, which just arrived:

Pal Stuffs!

Goodies! My Secret Pal struck! I got a skein of red wool (squishy!) and a pattern for a little cabled clutch bag that's the perfect size for a notions bag, or a going-out-don't-wanna-carry-my-huge-shoulder-bag bag. (Give me a moment to glare at Christmas once more for interfering with my need to knit for myself.....okay, I'm done.) She also sent along two CDs (OK Go's Oh No disc, which I had on my wishlist and was itching for, and a perfect PERFECT mix CD with some of my favorites and some artists I'm probably going to love - I needed to hear new music, since my love for NPR and hatred for commercial music radio means I miss out on a lot. I used to date a musician, and I was so plugged in back then - that's how I discovered a lot of my favorites, and now I feel like the music world is just a-passing me by.) I also got the reassurance that Brodie is not the only dog that gets into stuff clearly not intended for him (an assurance much more valuable than any chocolate)! And finally, one of my MOST FAVORITE THINGS in the world - Philosophy's 3-in-1 shtuff. I used to stock up on this stuff like crazy, until they put out so many delicous fragrances that I was completely overwhelmed and unable to ever make up my mind which one to purchase, usually reduced to a state of blithering olfactory overload on the floor of Nordstrom's delicious self-pampering-goods department. She selected the Lavender Pound Cake fragrance - which is soooo yummy, and which amuses me, since I noted that my favorite scents are lavender and anything that smells like food...and damned if my pal didn't manage to find BOTH in one bottle! I can't wait to shower! (Not to mention there's a recipe FOR lavender pound cake on the bottle....may have to give that a shot, too!)

Thanks, Pal!! I feel better already!

I'm making slow, boring progress on my Hourglass:

Hourglass Progress

Yep. Pretty thrilling. I did the hem facing, turning row, and one extra row in pink, just for a little interest. I'll do the same on the sleeves, although not on the collar. (I wasn't sure about that, and Travis weighed in with a wise note that it'd be overkill and end up looking a bit childish.) I've kind of rethought the pink, but I still like the idea of it, so I'm going to let it slide. I'm concerned about the hem facing, though - it keeps flipping up while I'm knitting, and if it does that when I wear it, it'll drive me nuts. Hopefully the wash-and-block will handle it. I saved myself some finishing work on that hem facing by doing a provisional cast-on and knitting the cast-on stitches together with the live stitches when the time came, which I'll also do with the sleeves. I hate finishing, and any cheat that'll get me out of it is okay by me!

Happy weekend, everyone!