Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's Not About Me....

(There are so few times anyone will ever actually hear me saying that...)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for me to officially, definitely put down my self-knitting (including Razor and the Tilli Tomas project) and dedicate myself strictly to gift knitting. (Wonderful, my ass....I want to keep all this stuff for myself!)

I'm still in progress on my Eleanora. Still. (Why am I starting to think it'll be like, an entire year before I finish these?)

Eleanora #1 In Progress

It's not that I don't love them - Oh God do I - but the yarn is so tiny, and the needles are so tiny, and there are so very many stitches, and the whole sock is k-p-k-p-k-p....oh, all the yarn movement! I was terrified if I focus solely on them, I wouldn't get anything else finished...

Bells & Whistles #1 In Progress

I started the Bells & Whistles Socks from the Holiday Interweave. I love this pattern too, and I especially love the yarn. My LYS is carrying a whole diddleload of new yarns, and this is one of them - Mondial Extrafine. It's a 100% Merino, non-superwash, and so ridiculously soft and squishy. These will be for Mom, who doesn't have to worry about non-superwash socks felting on her feet like we do down here. (Lucky.) Great knit - lots of interest, well-written, quick - I just started it last night and have made good progress without spending a tremendous amount of time on it.

Tuesday begins my once-weekly telecommuting option. I get to skip the toll-laden hourlong drive! I get to work in my jammies! I get to go to "work" with no makeup on!! I get to work the same eight hour day, but with pets and a comfy armchair.

Of course, I will NOT BE KNITTING because that would just be WRONG. (Imagine it spoken too loudly in no one's particular direction, in that sort of "Of course I'll totally be finding a way to work and knit at the same time because I know I'm capable of it, even if no one at the office believes that and thus I have not yet been given an opportunity to prove myself.")


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