Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wait, Ma'am, Let Me Explain

In a roundabout way, Ms. Melanoma Uberalis (who has adorable twins and has opened my eyes to the joys/nightmares of twinfants...a cousin is having twins soon and I like knowing what she's in for) brought my attention to a potential issue. Hey, my profile photo is someone's kid. What would happen if the mom should stumble on here? I'd be all, "Wow, that's wild - what are the odds? Umm....your kid is super-cute and has the best most expressive face and I love that he demonstrates the dangers and joys of knitting for babies who have no choice as to what sorts of strange headgear or knitwear they might be forced into. And did you knit that? Bravo - thank you for making me laugh till I cried."

God I hope that never happens.

I have photos of a wonderful goodie package I received yesterday - I must upload. We're approaching the nightmare portion of our rehearsal schedule, so home and computer time is more limited now than before. My One Skein pal rocks my'll see!!