Monday, July 10, 2006

There Were Pirates In That Movie?

I remember, way back in early March, when Travis and I were at a restaurant in Colorado and I asked, embarassed, "Do you mind if I knit while we wait for our food?" I was anxious to finish a scarf before leaving the cold of Colorado for the heat of Florida, where the scarf would immediately be rendered useless, and I felt terrible for knitting during a meal.

Ahhh. That's cute.

Now I routinely knit during meals, movies, television programs, during theatre intermissions, and at various social occasions (I try to do it in short bursts, which leads friends to point and laugh at me and declare me an addict in need of a fix). But this weekend I hit an all-time low - actually, I hit two. With Travis, I attended a motocross race event on Saturday night, sock clutched firmly in hand, dirtbike instead resting unhappily in the shed back home, alone. But also...

I finally graduated to movie-theatre knitting. Friends who also saw Pirates of the Carribean: Something About A Trunk Or Chest Or Some Such Thing That Doesn't Contain Yarn So Why Would I Care have complained that it was very long and dragged in spots. I didn't notice. I attribute that to: Johnny Depp's eyeliner; my spending much of the movie loudly proclaiming Keira Knightley's jaw to be "completely out of control"; good special effects; a sock.

Yeah....I knitted almost all the way through the movie. I did so slowly and intermittently, but I never set down my sock. I still managed to absorb the entire thing, but I really didn't mind the length one bit. So now that's the secret to any movie longer than 90 minutes. Excellent.

(I have so many photos of so many not-even-close-to-finished objects I need to share, but you see, I am so very, very lazy.)

Also: The summer issue of Knitty excites me very much. I counted, seriously, no less than thirteen items I would really like to knit - including, of course, the newest sock pattern of Miss Pomatomus & Hedera, Cookie. (I LOVE that woman and her clever socky brain.)