Saturday, June 17, 2006

Whoooo, Saturday!

Man, oh MAN. This is a goooood Saturday. There are criteria for a great Saturday, and so far I've met them.

1. Watch movies and waste better portion of morning/afternoon. (I've finished the wonderful Oscar-winning documentary Born Into Brothels and am in the middle of Paradise Now, the Palestinian foreign picture Oscar nominee - so at least I don't feel like I'm COMPLETELY wasting my brain...although I do plan to watch something mind-numbing later.)

2. Master a skill. (Both movies are subtitled, so I'm practicing my eyes-free knitting. Fortunately I'm just 2x2 ribbing a sock cuff, so that's pretty hard to mess up.)

3. Accomplish something small so you don't actually FEEL like you've wasted the better portion of the morning/afternoon. (Started some laundry, sprayed some countertops in bathrooms and kitchen with some manner of cleaning solution.)

4. Consume tasty and mostly healthy lunch acquired by means other than own work. (Travis ran to Chef's Table and got me that wonderful Gorgonzola Crunch salad I love so much.)

5. Sneak some ice cream. (Klondike York bars. Dude. Seriously? Oh my God.)

6. Avoid donning real pants if at all possible. (It is now 3:30 p.m., and jammy bottoms are still in effect.)

7. Receive gifts.

Oh yeah, that's right. TWO gifts. On a Saturday. Triple whammy! I also received notice that I have some other package as well, although I have no idea what that could be and the post office wants me to pick it up in person. It's either ridiculously huge, or it's something I have to sign for. Here's hoping it's not an audit from the IRS or something, because I'm wondering if this day is just going TOO well. In addition to that, and the two Capital One credit card offers (grrr) and the American Express bill for $.99 (one sad little lonely iTune), I got not one, but TWO gifts from TWO secret pals!! (Both of whom totally rock my face!)

I present to you photographic representation of my weekend (fear not, photos of me in jammy pants will NOT follow):


Kais Nashef in profile, along with the newly-named Lost Coast sock (cuff...still...), a postcard from my One Skein pal, a spectacular pattern from my SP8 pal, and a skein of Noro Sumile Multi!!!


I've never even seen Sumile before! I loved the vibrant colours as soon as I opened the envelope, then that little round Japanese-embossed tag fluttered out and..."Noro!!! Noro...what??" I LOVE it. It's like chenille, only way better because it's a cotton/silk blend. It gives you that wonderful sort of fluttery stressed-out feeling you get when you have only one skein of something fabulous and you absolutely have to use it for the perfect thing. Thank you pal!!! (And maybe you noticed and did this on purpose, or maybe I'm the only one who picks up stuff like this - but the colours around the Purdue water sculpture in the postcard you sent TOTALLY match the colours in the yarn. Love that.)

The hat only just happens to be that Perfect Cabled Hat pattern I've been wanting. I've poked around on my free pattern sites, but I haven't found just the right non-fussy cabled hat. And here it is! I'm thinking that Fable baby alpaca I just got? Yeahhhh, the white...that's all me, baby. And it'll give me more cable practice without being some huge intricate project. (Um, speaking of intricate cable projects, anyone seen that Faye Dunaway cabled blouse that Eunny's working on? Its gorgeous, and yet it terrifies me.) And I'll have to size down and make tiny baby hats, too.

Oh, and Travis appears to have stopped loving poor Brodie:


I think this hat was purchased for Little Bit by my parents as a gag - but it fits Brodie, and so Travis put it on him and dragged him upstairs for a photo op. Poor baby. I've already promised him that if Travis brings home a sailor outfit for him, we are SO out of here.