Friday, June 23, 2006

This Is Why You Don't Knit While Distraught

Four-inch 2x2 ribbed cuff? 'Kay.

Eye of partridge heel flap? 'Kay.

Carefully pick up gusset stitches, knit around one round? Got it.

Decrease this round by....OH MY GOD.

Yeah, how about turning the FREAKING HEEL!!!

Oh, and incidentally, of course you're going to notice this mistake RIGHT BEFORE the waitress brings your lunch. You will politely but quickly eat before immediately turning back and ripping to the end of the heel flap - in the dim light of an Italian restaurant, while cheesecake sits idly by, neglected in favour of yarn.

Did you hear that? I ignored CHEESECAKE for a SOCK.

I just stepped up one more rung on the ladder o' knitting wack-a-doodleydoo.