Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where I Knit Live

Okay, it's sort of related to knitting, since this is where I do all my work (when I'm not in a passenger seat, stuck on 408, or dealing with slow times at work - thank you taxpayers.)

This is what it looked like when we drove up to a house we really truly owned. This is Travis' first house, and the first I've owned with someone else (no longer a single female Regardless of the details, it will always be Our First Home.


We took a moment to pose in front of the mantle (I have a mantle!) with the flowers his mom sent. (If you're curious, the card reads "Welcome Home! -Mom-".)


And every moment since has been the pure unadulterated joy of packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning....ugh. UGH UGH UGH.


Travis told Audrey (our realtor and awesome lady in general) that I would probably have the Knitting Room done long before the kitchen was even unpacked. Just for that, I'm leaving one box packed until I finish the kitchen. Can't have him being right, now, can I? We bought that bookshelf at a consignment shop down the street - is it stained PERFECTLY or what? And it wasn't until I got it home that I realized it would easily double as a desk. (Yes, the bottom cupboard is stuffed with yarn. And some notecards and papers. Mostly yarn.)


It was so difficult deciding which of my babies to display....the top shelf bears the Dhammapada and the Bible, along with four skeins of Greenwood Fiberworks cotton/lycra sock yarn and my one prized ball of Ozark Handspun. Next, four skeins of Lorna's Laces, two of Koigu KPPPM, and a Mountain Colors Bearfoot (along with some knitting books). The collection of recently purchased must-read novels I'll probably never stop knitting long enough to read, propped up with Patagonia Nature Cotton (I'm sorry, I fell in love with all those pinks) and a bit of EcoKnit organic cotton...and then the trusty iBook (yes, that is my own blog on the screen....what ego?), binder of stolen free patterns (I don't know, even when they're free downloads, it still feels like stealing) and my little Corpse Bride. (Inspiration, you know.)


My big yummy knitting chair and ottoman. My Jaywalker awaits in the carved bowl Mom bought in Vail as a housewarming present. And yes, the trunk is full of wool. (I know it's an awful lot of bland in this corner - there will be a throw soon, and the trunk and table will be stained to match the shelf/desk/whatever. And Mom's "Grizabella" scarf, once I found the box it was residing in, looks great draped over the arm of the chair.)

Jim's Mom

This will show up better when the trunk is stained coworker and friend Jim found this in his mother's room when he was moving her to assisted living. He had forgotten what a KnitNut she had been, and he gave me this because he wanted someone who would really appreciate it to have it. Isn't that lovely??

Crewel Cross

My mom used to own a small business in south Florida - she consigned crafts made by Florida artisans. She called it "community service" - not a lot of money in that racket - but she met some very gifted people. This delicate little crewel cross was stitched by one of her crafters.

I'm attempting to fill the room up with handmade goods. I know I have some of my great-aunt's cross stitch around here somewhere...and I'll have to hang one of Mom's paintings in here...I'm very excited about my little sanctuary.

Now....I really must finish my Dad's socks for his birthday (four days ago...) and get started on that Cat-ghan. Snigglet is being so patient....