Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chase Manhattan - For Knitters

I have spent my tax refund. Like, three times. And we got the mortgage statement, and our payment is due...JUNE 1st!!! No May payment! I reallly DO get to spend the mortgage money on yarn!!

I don’t know what chromosome it is, specifically, that carries the “obsess and compulse” trait, but I wish I could isolate and destroy it. I go so head-first into a hobby that it becomes all-consuming. I’ll be honest, I wish I wasn’t so damn nutty about this fixation knitting thing.

I bought some yarn. I bought some rosewood straights (couldn’t figure out what happened to my 11s, might as well get some good ones), I bought some bamboo circs (the Boye interchangeables? so over those), I bought some Addi Turbo circs and Art Fibers tussah silk (destash, huzzah!), I bought some more yarn, I bought some rosewood circs from kpixie (that I REALLY didn’t need to spend that much on...) along with some hemp and some bamboo and....I’m getting dizzy. Everything is earmarked, though, I assure you. I purchase with purpose.

And I can’t seem to leave poor Carolyn Greenwood alone. But bless her, she just makes the most wonderful stuff! I can’t wait to try some gloves or armwarmers with her stuff - cast ‘em on small and just let the lycra handle the decreasing!! The four on the right all came in one box - that’s a lot of bright happy yarn in one shipment! (And the yellow was dyed specially for me by request!)


Same two pair of socks on the needles. Finished the catghan for Snigglet (cast on too tightly, wish I’d done better with it....but I doubt the kittens will notice anything wrong, it’s fuzzy.)

I started a little lap blanket/chair shawl (I did not cast on large enough, and yet I just keep on knitting, knowing that it’s not as wide as I’d like....I can always make another one and seam them together, I tell myself.) This is that fun Patagonia slubby cotton I love so much that I started with two skeins and have gradually over several trips to Sip and Knit worked my way up to six...

My camera hates stitch definition, so this is as intricate as I can get. It’s box stitch. I like it.

Rooster doesn’t want the paparazzi harassing his cuddling blanket.

I’m also working on that secret project...but I’ve learned that Mom doesn’t actually look at this, so I can tell you about it. (But just in case: Mom, go away! Or scroll down real fast!) It’s a feather-and-fan shawl (did you know that’s a really stupid-easy pattern? it looked complicated to me, so I stupidly paid for the pattern....hrmph) and I’m knitting it in Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. Mom loves the brights, and I love how she loves those non-mom colours. I’m calling it “Taos” and I picture her wearing it to Flat Rock Playhouse with some flowing and breezy outfit, the turquoise playing up the silver in her hair. I’m excited to have it finished - I have eight skeins of the silk, and I’m hoping that’ll be enough - this is about two-thirds of a skein here.


Finally, there’s the other new purchase. I wouldn’t normally classify a purse as breathtaking, but Mom arrived this weekend with her new Cole-Haan and it dazzled me so much I had to go purchase a remarkably similar bag (in the same trip, Mom also settled on the carry-on sized bag - thus completing a three-piece matched set between the two of us.)

Innocent enough. No crazy lady here, carrying a purse and a diaper bag-like knitting project bag (see that grey twelve-seasons-ago Kate Spade on the floor over there? Perfect sub for the Knitter’s Purse.). Nope, just this one little unassuming but classy bag.

Wait a minute...what’s this? There seems to be something amiss....

Uh-oh....yeah, that’s right....the crazy lady managed to make some room for us...we can’t be held back...

We are your obsession! You will go nowhere without us! Resistance is futile!!

Meanwhile, Little Bit likes that the bag matches her perfectly....

....Brodie likes the silver thing with the bright flashy light...

....And Rooster likes the remnants of a long-tail cast-on.

(Indy just likes that she managed to avoid the camera this time...)